Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day Of School For 2010 And I'm Off Shopping For The Boys

After dropping the boys at school, I made a bee line for the Queens Center Mall. I have my list and I want to comparison shop to see if I can beat their on-line prices while picking up some after Holiday discount shopping items from my fave brick and mortar spots. I figure what I don't get here I'll simply have shipped to our home later. I always love the after Christmas sales. They are better than Black Friday after Thanksgiving. Check out the QCM store directory. You can get a lot done in one spot if you shop here. Parking rates are very reasonable too plus the trains and bus stop right outside. They also have a very busy cab stand here. Will be back to let you guys know how I do later... 

Here are the latest selections by my boys. I let them pick out their own clothes all the time:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

3D Glasses Should Be Made Out Of Recycled Rubber. Seriously...

3D Glasses Should Be Made Out Of Recycled Rubber. Seriously...

I am sitting on the floor watching The Polar Express in 3D with Stephen, the Minion Blur. Noah, the Net Geek, is sitting at the desk on hubby's computer playing SpongeBob. It appears that my 7 year old is smarter than I am because he understands the fact that the 3 year old will want the glasses.

Carboard glasses do not last long with three year olds. Someone should put a request in the Warner Bros suggestion box to make these puppies out of recycled rubber. Think of all those tires they'd rescue from the landfills (LOL). Think of the Moms and Dads who could actually get more use out of our 3D DVDs when wee people fight over the 3D glasses made out of thin cardboard. Just sayin...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thomas The Train Blues

Stephen, the Minion Blur, insisted that I find him Thomas the Train. I tried to explain that mommy was coding but it appears he doesn't give a hoot about me building websites (LOL). I eventually got him to go away while I was working on my WordPress domains, but he eventually came back and insisted I say "choo choo" with him. Once I said it, he then climbed into my lap, pointed at the screen and asked, "I want choo choo up?"

Hmm... My guy pie played me. :-)

Ever have a three year old squawk "choo choo" over and over again while you are trying to write a blog post? I think the fun part of digital window shopping for him has to do with navigating the pages. Everytime the view changed I got a very pleased and astonished, "Oooooooo, choo choo..." from my three year old. "I want that one..." was his next mantra. Kid was pretty bossy about it too (LOL).

Turns out my shorty has expensive tastes because he wants them all (ROTFL). These were his fave selections. I told him to go get Daddy... :-)

Spending Time With Margaret Rome

The fun thing about spending time with writers is you learn to write more interesting articles. I am in the middle of writing three books so I like picking people's brains. If you ever find yourself in MD you may want to take a crack at looking up Margaret Rome. She is a pretty busy real estate broker, but if you are fortunate you may get to spend some time with her. The conversations are always fun. Seriously so (LOL). The last comment she left me on my other blog reminds me of the fact that my voicemail is full and I need to go into the office to clear those messages out.  Nothing like a little holiday cheer from the ActivePeeps to blow up ones voice mail.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home you may want to consider purchasing Real Estate The Rome Way. The hubby and I have two autographed copies from my blogging buddy (LOL).

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uberMental - ActiveRain WP Favorites