Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thomas The Train Blues

Stephen, the Minion Blur, insisted that I find him Thomas the Train. I tried to explain that mommy was coding but it appears he doesn't give a hoot about me building websites (LOL). I eventually got him to go away while I was working on my WordPress domains, but he eventually came back and insisted I say "choo choo" with him. Once I said it, he then climbed into my lap, pointed at the screen and asked, "I want choo choo up?"

Hmm... My guy pie played me. :-)

Ever have a three year old squawk "choo choo" over and over again while you are trying to write a blog post? I think the fun part of digital window shopping for him has to do with navigating the pages. Everytime the view changed I got a very pleased and astonished, "Oooooooo, choo choo..." from my three year old. "I want that one..." was his next mantra. Kid was pretty bossy about it too (LOL).

Turns out my shorty has expensive tastes because he wants them all (ROTFL). These were his fave selections. I told him to go get Daddy... :-)

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